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Parad Jyotirlinga /Parad 12 Shivling By Timeshopee

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Parad Jyotirlinga /Parad 12 Shivling By Timeshopee

Benefits and importance of parad shivling mercury Shivling - parad shivling brings peace and harmony in your house .the presence of parad shivling at home is in itself considered to be cause of a meaningful life .According to Rasshashtra a mere touch and seeing of parad shivling will bestow on the worshipper the goodness of Shiv Pooja in all the three worlds..parad shivling is a symbol of luck , prosperity, and success in every field in your life.A devotee who places a parad shivling in his Pooja room and worship it daily becomes free of all sin and get divine power along with fortune, health , wealth and prosperity., A parad shivling also called a Raslingam plays a vital role in lord Shiva's worship, it is also mentioned in brahm puran that person who worship parad shivling gets full worldy pleasure and at last attain ultimate salvation.


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