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Anklet for Kids - Nazariya for Evil Eye Protection | Timeshopee

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Anklet for Kids by Timeshopee - Nazariya for Evil Eye Protection

Protect your little ones with our charming Anklet for Kids, designed to ward off the evil eye. Commonly used as a nazariya, this anklet features soft edges to ensure comfort and safety for delicate skin. Crafted with care, it serves as a traditional talisman believed to safeguard children from negative energies. Whether for daily wear or special occasions, this anklet combines cultural significance with practical comfort.

Key Features:

  • Usage: Nazariya for protecting babies from the evil eye
  • Design: Soft edges for gentle wear without hurting
  • Material: Beads
  • Craftsmanship: Carefully crafted for durability and comfort


  • Evil Eye Protection: Acts as a protective talisman against negative influences.
  • Comfortable: Soft edges ensure no irritation to baby's skin.
  • Cultural Significance: Reflects traditional beliefs in warding off evil spirits.

Ideal for: Ideal for parents looking to incorporate cultural traditions while ensuring their child's comfort and safety. Perfect as a gift to celebrate births, birthdays, or other milestones.

Enhance your child's protection with the Anklet for Kids by Timeshopee, available exclusively at Timeshopee - your trusted online store for religious and cultural products.

Product Short Description In Points:

  • Anklet for Kids, used as nazariya for evil eye protection
  • Soft edges for comfort, no irritation
  • Available exclusively at Timeshopee - Online Religious Store

Product Specification In Table:

Usage Nazariya for protecting babies from the evil eye
Design Soft edges for gentle wear without hurting
Material Beads
Seller Timeshopee - Online Religious Store