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Batuk Bhairav Yantra On Bhojpatra Handmade Yantra By Timeshopee

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Size: 6X8 Inch

This Batuk Bhairav Bhojpatra Yantra is inscribed on Bhojpatra and is energised with particular highly effective Bhairav Mantras. The Sadhaka is bestowed with all comforts and his wishes are fulfilled. Batuk Bhairav Bhojpatra yantra is claimed to bring success and the fulfilment of any desires. Batuk Bhairav Bhojpatra yantra is used for improving impoverished circumstances of life. The worship is simply to be achieved at night time, for success of a particular desire. The deity is "Bhairav " who have to be offered a selected type of alcoholic beverage. Batuk Bhairav yantra is for devotees of Lord Bhairav, a fierce type of Lord Shiva who can be Kshetrapal, the Guardian of the Temple and Guardian of travellers. Before embarking on a journey especially while touring at evening, worship of this yantra with a garland of cashew nuts round it ensures protection, safety, easy journey and easy return home. Also for protection towards hidden enemies, malefic energies, ghosts and spirits. You can keep this Siddha Batuk Bhairav Bhojpatra Yantra in the office or home (worship place) or Two Batuk Bhairav Bhojpatra Yantra can buy for office and home.

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Ashish dutta
Value for money

The Yantra was programmed as per my name and Gotra, very well packed

good delivery .

It is very good product and nice

Roopa Mishra
Awesome product 🥰

I am happy. Product very super

shreya Mk
Wow its amazing

Nice product I am very happy

Ashwitha R
awesome Good product 👍

Very nice 😍😍this is just awesome..😍