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Blue Magnesite Turquoise Bracelet By Timeshopee

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  • It generates vibes of “so be it”; hence, whatever you wish, manifests in life with the blessings of the Blue Magnesite Turquoise Bracelet. To handle this boon of manifestation, your imagination must be sound & positive; however, that too is bestowed by this supreme bracelet.
  • Its soothing effect is best to treat aches, muscle pains, nervous system, toxicants in the body, PMS, migraines, organs, constipation, weak bones, and skin issues. Generally, Blue Magnesite Turquoise Bracelet is good for keeping up overall health.
  • It promotes the benefits & qualities bestowed by the fortunate planet Jupiter such as luck, knowledge, wisdom, humour, health, wealth, honour, expansion, and all possible ones.
  • Why Blue Magnesite Turquoise is called a stone of transformation? Turquoise helps you transform weaknesses into strengths, failures into lessons, delays into opportunities, and foes into friends. Overall, anything negative around turns positive with the advent of this luckiest bracelet.
  • If Blue Magnesite Turquoise bracelet is that fortunate, then how it will not charm its luck in money matters. Poverty does not stay where Blue Magnesite Turquoise is present. It brings prosperity, progress & abundance to life.
  • If you have social anxiety or find it difficult to confront people, this bracelet is a must. It gives you enough confidence to step out and speak among a number of people.
  • Weight=20gm
  • Length=4cm

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Krishanu Patra
This product is very nice

quality also good.... Totally this product was very nice and superb... 😍

Abhijeet Pathak
Value of the money Thank you

asome and delivery also in time value of money nice product

Srija Deb
Just wow! nice quality product.

very good nd excellent much happy....🤩

Ajay Kumar Si
This product is really good

Awesome product Mind-blowing purchase thank you

very useful.. Go for it..

I like this product. You should buy it 👍