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Brihaspati Yantra On Bhojpatra Handmade Yantra By Timeshopee

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This Yantra featuring Brihaspati Yantras on Bhojpatra is dedicated to Brihaspati Dev. Brihaspati is revered as Guru and He governs the planet Jupiter. He represents spiritual values, knowledge and finances. This Yantra is worshipped for pacifying malefic of planet Jupiter and for blessings of prosperity, abundance and authority. Bhojpatra are barks of Himalayan birch tree which were used to compose sacred scriptures in ancient times. Ancient texts recommend the use of Bhoj patra for preparing Yantras. Yantras on Bhojpatra are considered to be the best and auspicious due to the occurrence of the bark in sacred region. Bhojpatra provides sattvikta (purity and energy) and helps the Yantra accomplish its purpose.
● Size: 5" X 5"
● Mantra: Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namaha
● Gives right direction in life Promotes wisdom, truthfulness and spiritualism Attracts prosperity and abundance
Mantra: Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve NamahaPlacement: Yantra energizes the location where it is installed. You may place it near the entrance of your home/office/shop or in your living room or reception or study room or office cabin. You may keep it on a
table or use as a wall hanging. Yantra is best placed in the East direction facing West. Itgets  energised by the rising rays of the Sun and with the divine vibrations of the East corner and provides positive transformation energies to the dwelling through its mystical geometry.

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I use this product and it's amazing 🤩