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Combo Of Rudraksha 1 Mukhi With 2 Mukhi Rudraksha By Timeshopee

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1 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads brings overall prosperity, good luck, and happiness to the Wearer.

2 Mukhi

  • Symbol of : ArdhaNareeshwara....Ruling Planet : Moon
  • Day of wearing : Monday...Way of wearing : Only one bead of two faced Rudraksha and fastening them with red thread and touching it with the idols of Lord Shiva & goddess Parvati (Shakti) and chanting the mantra of two Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn around the neck.
  • Properties: It is believed that it washes away the sins of cow slaughter (Gau Hatya). Useful for good family life and good relationship for all people and to get married.
  • Benefits - Peoples experience: Wearing Two mukhi helps to bring unity of all kinds- between friends, husband wife, father, son, or buyer and seller. It is used for material gains as well as moksha.
  • Beej Mantra- "Om Hreem Hoom Namah" (Shiva Puran) "Om Hoom Namah" (Mantra Maharanava) "Om Hreem Namah" (Skand Puran) "Mahamrityunjai Mantra" (Brahajjalopanishad) "OM. Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat" "Om Namah Shivaya"

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