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Rainbow Red Jasper Natural Tumbled Gemstone (Pendent) - Stone of Spiritual Protection

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Rainbow Jasper is a powerful gemstone that provides protection for your Aura and Chakras. The stone guards against malicious thoughts, psychic attacks, and dark energy. Rainbow Jasper is a stone that draws in positivity, inspires optimism, and radiates with love. The stone helps you to feel lighter, more peaceful, and connected with the gentle energies of the Universe. Working with Rainbow Jasper helps to free the mind and spirit from the nagging thoughts that distract from success. It is a stone for letting go of doubts, fears, and unproductive worries.

Rainbow Jasper can be a beautiful blend of black, brown, clear, green, red, and streaks of Hematite. The variations possible in this stone are countless, and no two are exactly alike. Some specimens feature different shades of red in a subtle gradient, others feature a contrast of other splotches or layers of coloration

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